Dental Orthodontic Lingual Buttons Bondable Round Mesh Base
The Dental Orthodontic Lingual Buttons with a Bondable Round Mesh Base are a fundamental component in orthodontic procedures, offering a reliable and versatile solution for various applications. Crafted with precision, these buttons are designed to be easily bondable, ensuring secure...
$39.00 $29.99
Orthodontics Reverse Action Tweezer Bracket Holding
The Orthodontics Reverse Action Tweezer for bracket holding is an essential instrument in orthodontic practices, meticulously crafted to facilitate precise and efficient bracket placement. This specialized tweezer features a unique reverse action mechanism, allowing orthodontists to firmly grip and hold...
Orthodontic Wax for Braces Wearer -100PC/Pack
Our Orthodontic Wax for Braces Wearers, available in a pack of 100, is a must-have for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment. Designed to provide relief and comfort, this wax is easy to apply and helps alleviate the discomfort and irritation often...
$129.00 $94.00
Teeth Elastic Orthodontic Ligature Ties Ring Rubber Band
Teeth Elastic Orthodontic Ligature Ties Rings, commonly known as rubber bands, are essential components in orthodontic treatment. These small, elastic rings play a crucial role in aligning teeth and correcting bite issues. Made from medical-grade materials, such as latex or...
Ortho Composite Buttons Flat 10/pk
Introducing our Ortho Composite Buttons Flat, a pack of 10 meticulously crafted buttons designed to enhance orthodontic procedures with precision and reliability. These flat composite buttons serve as essential components in orthodontic practices, providing orthodontists with the tools they need...
$49.00 $39.00
Dental Orthodontic Lingual Button With Chain 2 Pcs/Pack
The Dental Orthodontic Lingual Button with Chain, available in a convenient pack of 2, is an essential component in orthodontic treatments. Crafted with precision, these lingual buttons provide a reliable anchoring point for elastics or chains in various orthodontic applications....
$49.00 $34.00
Dent Art Positive Positioner and Posterior Bracket Holder
The Dent Art Positive Positioner and Posterior Bracket Holder represent an innovative solution in orthodontic treatment. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this product offers practitioners a reliable tool for effective bracket placement and adjustment. Crafted with high-quality materials,...
Captain Ortho Dental Lab rubber Model Former Base Molds, Medium
The Dent Art 33L Endo Spoon Excavator is a precision instrument designed for dental professionals to perform delicate procedures with accuracy and efficiency. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tool combines functionality with ergonomic design, ensuring optimal performance during...
$74.00 $49.00
Eliminates Detrimental Forces Discourages Over-Active Muscle Activity Bonds to Upper or Lower Arches 80 Gauge Micro-Etched Mesh Bonding Base High Quality 17-4 Stainless Steel 10/Pack 
$74.00 $49.00
G&H- Agility Brackets Ceramic Braces Roth .022" Hooks on 3',4',5' - Kit
G&H Agility Brackets Ceramic Braces in Roth .022 offer a sophisticated solution for orthodontic treatment, embodying a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. These braces feature meticulously crafted hooks strategically positioned at 3', 4', and 5', enhancing versatility and facilitating...
$108.00 $98.00
Dental Acrylic Stand Holder For Orthodontic Pliers Organizer
The Dental Acrylic Stand Holder for Orthodontic Pliers Organizer is an essential accessory for dental professionals, meticulously designed to streamline instrument management in orthodontic practices. Crafted from durable and hygienic acrylic material, this stand offers a sturdy and stable platform...
$49.00 $29.00
Stainless Steel Ball Clasps
Introducing our Stainless Steel Ball Clasps, a versatile and durable solution for all your jewelry crafting needs. This pack of 100 clasps offers a reliable and stylish closure for your bracelets and necklaces. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these ball...
$59.00 $46.00
Intra Oral Pedo Occlusal Double-Sided Photography Mirror - Child
The Intra Oral Pedo Occlusal Double-Sided Photography Mirror designed for pediatric dentistry is a specialized tool crafted to meet the unique needs of dental practitioners working with children. This double-sided mirror provides a comprehensive view of pediatric occlusal surfaces, aiding...
$33.00 from $29.99
Intra Oral Stainless Steel Mirror Buccal Angulated
Shree Double Sided Stainless Steel Photographic Mirrors Angulated is double ended to accommodated both small and large patients. The mirror is angled apporximately 15º to Patient or operator to hold and keep hand out of camera view. Polished on both...
$79.00 $59.00
Dental Ortho Elastic Cotton Thread, 25 Mts
Introducing the Dental Ortho Elastic Cotton Thread, a vital component in orthodontic care spanning 25 meters. This specialized thread serves as a fundamental tool in orthodontic practices, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of precise dental procedures. Designed with the...
Dental Ortho Plastic Model Base Formers Upper & Lower
The Dental Ortho Plastic Model Base Formers Upper & Lower offer a versatile solution for dental practitioners seeking precision and efficiency in orthodontic procedures. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these models serve as invaluable tools for training, demonstration, and...
Standard Dental Vector Screw For Upper
Introducing the Standard Dental Vector Screw for Upper applications, a meticulously crafted and essential component for dental professionals. Designed with precision and manufactured to the highest standards, this dental screw exemplifies reliability and durability. Its application focuses on the upper...
Dent Art Saphire Mono Crystalline Ceramic Bracket
The Dent Art Sapphire Mono Crystalline Ceramic Bracket presents a revolutionary advancement in orthodontic technology, offering unparalleled precision and comfort in dental alignment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bracket integrates the cutting-edge properties of sapphire and mono-crystalline ceramic...
$240.00 $190.00
Steel Self Ligating Bracket
The Steel Self Ligating Bracket represents a pinnacle in orthodontic technology, offering a sophisticated solution for individuals seeking efficient and comfortable teeth alignment. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these brackets showcase durability and resilience, ensuring a reliable performance throughout the...
Double-sided Intraoral Photographic Mirror - Lingual Stainless Steel
The Double-sided Intraoral Photographic Mirror in Lingual Stainless Steel is a cutting-edge tool designed for dental professionals seeking precision and clarity in intraoral imaging. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mirror offers a dual-sided functionality, allowing for comprehensive examination...
$32.00 from $29.99
Dental Orthodontic Metal Brackets
Elevate your orthodontic practice with our Dental Orthodontic Metal Brackets, designed for optimal performance and patient comfort. Crafted with precision, these brackets offer reliable support for various orthodontic treatments. The high-quality metal ensures durability and longevity, providing stability throughout the...
$89.00 $46.00
Direct Bonding Bracket Tweezer Curved
Introducing our Direct Bonding Bracket Tweezer Curved, a must-have tool for dental professionals seeking precision and efficiency in orthodontic procedures. Crafted with high-quality materials, this curved tweezer ensures a secure grip and easy handling during the direct bonding of brackets....
Direct Bond Tweezer with Bracket Aligner
The tweezer's innovative design, combined with a bracket aligner, facilitates direct bonding, allowing orthodontists to achieve optimal positioning with ease. The ergonomic construction of the tweezers ensures a comfortable grip for precise handling during procedures, reducing strain and enhancing overall...
Dental Orthodontic Buccal Tube Holding/ Bonding Tweezer
The Dental Orthodontic Buccal Tube Holding/Bonding Tweezer is a crucial tool in orthodontic procedures, offering precision and reliability to dental professionals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this instrument serves a dual purpose of holding and bonding buccal tubes securely...

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