Mathiew Plier
DA-8274 14cm StraightSmaha Mathieu Delicate SerratedExcellent for placing elastomeric ligatures.DA-8275 14cmMathieu Hook Tip Plierfor placing elastomeric  ligatures.DA-8276 14cmMathieu Hole Tip Plierfor placing elastomericligatures.
Mosquito Hemostat
DA-8280  12.5cm straight  DA-8281  12.5cm CurvedDA-8282  12.5cm Hole Tip DA-8283  12.5cm Hook Tip     DA-8280 12.5cmMosquito Hemostat StrightSerrated tips and positive locking ensure consistent performance. For elastic modules or Stainless steel ligature ties
Mirco Scissors
DA-8279 12cmMirco Scissors Straight withTungsten Carbide Inserts.One blade is serrated forexcellent cutting of elastomericligatures.
Mathieu Plier
DA-8277 14cm curvedSmaha Mathieu Delicate SerratedExcellent for placing elsatomericligatures in difficult areas.
Micro Scissor
DA-8278 12cmMicro Scissor StraightOne blade is serrated forcutting of elastomericligatures.
Mathieu Ligating Forcep
DA-8270  14cm Narrow Long  DA-8271  14cm Narrow Short Tiped DA-8272  14cm Medium Narrow  DA-8273  14cm Regular ThikMathieu Ligating ForcepWith Tungsten Carbide Insert 
Mathieu Ligating Forcep
DA-8266  14cm Narrow Long   DA-8267  14cm Narrow Short tip  DA-8268  14cm Medium NarrowDA-8269  14cm Regular Thik  Mathieu Ligating ForcepsSerrated Tip withoutTungsten carbide insert
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